Creating a calm and positive ambience is the first step to nurture the Joy of Learning. Following are the facilities GBWS offers:

Information Technology and E-Learning

In the present times, knowledge cannot be confined only to textbooks. We are a part of world where education goes beyond school books. Gyan Bharti World School comprehends the current trends and believes in leaving no stones unturned to educate its learners in all areas. We realise the worth of electronically supported learning and teaching. We have Information and Communication Systems to assist learning. The school aids them with high- quality TFT Screen units with ancillary printers and carefully monitored and filtered internet connectivity.


Gyan Bharti World School has Virtual School Program(VSP), a user-friendly online system that provides teachers, students and parents an exclusive access to all information concerning:

  • Student and parent data
  • Cumulative attendance
  • Class time table
  • School Syllabus
  • Schedule for Assessments
  • List of Holidays
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Results
  • Intensive Updates on Assignments
  • School Circulars
  • School Events


With a built up area of more than 50,000 sq ft, it is a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. An awe inspiring wi-fi enabled infrastructure comprising of 40 well ventilated air-conditioned classrooms, science laboratories, library and a big sports hall. To aid the process of learning we have a sound-proof auditorium, two staff rooms for our teachers and a choreography room to explore the creative flair of students. The whole campus will be under CCTV surveillance. To create a flexible learning space, every room is equipped with smart-class facility.

  • Auditorium
  • Library
  • Events Hall
  • Computer Lab
  • Smart Classrooms
  • AC Classrooms


We have the facility of AC as well as Non-AC buses. Parents can choose among these two options According to their convenience. Bus routes will be determined at the beginning of each academic session. The schools deserves the right to make desirable changes in the routes of the buses anytime round the year. Parents shall be informed about the same time to time.