Message from Managing Director

In this new system of education every child has potential and can rise & shine in his life.

In this era, kids are more aware of their surroundings. They have skills as well as confidence. Also they are innovative, creative and imaginative. The purpose of education is not merely to sustain the body, it should broaden person’s mind and make him an ideal and virtuous soul. With our efforts, mission and vision, we have brought future in the 21st century and we can claim that one day, your dreams will come true.

GBWS has a mission to prepare students as well as parents for a bright and challenging future. We here believe that each child is unique and therefore we will try to provide value oriented education in order to nurture good human beings out of them.

The infrastructure provided by the school makes our students explore new ideas personally and through classroom discussions

I take this opportunity to thank the parents for their cooperation in this venture without which this endeavour would have been a futile exercise.

Mr. Romit Kumar