Message from Administrator

Its the first academic year, I guess a mixture of excitement, nervousness and confidence is in the air.

The new academic year brings in renewed energy and strengthening of our resolve to fulfil all that has been planned for the students. We would also like to welcome our new students and their parents with a definite assurance that you will find the school welcoming and warm at heart, with an energetic environment, conducive to learning and growth.

All of us need your support for your child’s all-round development. Raising a child is really not easy. They don’t come with guidelines or instructions. They come with certain set of physical and emotional needs that must be met.

I do request you to adhere to the following outlines in order to foster your child’s physical and emotional well-being:

  • Provide an environment that is SAFE. Keep your child free from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Provide your child with basic needs i.e. Water, plenty of nutritious food, warm bed, medical care whenever needed, neat clothing etc.
  • Provide your child with self-esteem needs.
  • Teach your child Morals and Values like Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Patience, forgiveness, Generosity.
  • Develop mutual respect with your child. Use respectful language. Respect his/her feelings. Respect his/her Privacy.
  • Provide Discipline which is effective and appropriate.
  • Involve yourself in your child’s education. Communicate regularly with your Child’s teacher(s). Make sure that your child is completing his/her homework each night.
  • Talk to your child each day about school(what is being studied, any interesting event etc.)
  • Recognize and acknowledge your child’s academic achievements.

We are willing to work for your child’s better future, with you.

Mrs. Madhu Priya
BSc(Botany)- Hansraj College, DU MBA (Administration) - Chitkara University (Chandigarh)